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    A Five Point Plan To Date Online Like an Affluent Gentleman

    For many, online dating has become the metaphorical cheat code to meeting that special someone. It’s entire reason for inception is designed to skip all the hard parts of meeting someone worth knowing and get us to the en...
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    To Groupon or not… That is the question (Based on a true story)

    It’s about 11:00PM or so and my cousin texts me, “Hey U up?” A little annoyed yet startled by the time she decides to hit me up, I reluctantly respond. “Yea. Is everything ok?” She responds, “I’...
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    The D.E.N.N.I.S System

    I think I ate FunDip everyday for two weeks. That was just part of the traditional routine. Our family vacation happened every year for two weeks in June. For those two weeks, my best friend and I (who’s family also vacatione...
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    When courting goes wrong (Valentines Day edition)

    My mom’s Jell-O jigglers were always a hit. Red, heart-shaped and filled with red dye number 40, those jigglers were the talk of my 2nd grade classroom. I would walk into class with a tray full of those little cardiac organs ...
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 Gentlemen's decree

Empathy is the thread of life

My friend Tony and I didn’t always get along. He was a skinny,curly-haired Italian and I was a husky Latino with an attitude problem. Ok, I totally wasn’t a Latino. I was also Italian, and I had as much of an attitude as Mo...
 The Life

The Devil Is In The Details

Male accessorizing is the je ne sais quoi necessary to complete your outfit. It’s those stand out cufflinks with an understated suit. The pop of color where you least expect it. The details of your outfit are what separat...