PreGaming The New Social Hour

Posted February 19, 2013 by The Gentleman in The Life

It’s 11PM. Ladies, you’re putting on your last touches of lip gloss, actually you’re probably just getting out of the shower. Gents, you’re throwing on your fitted, rolling up your sleeves, and probably drinking a beer while doing so. It’s time to go out and PARTY! It’s time to get messed up. It’s time to pregame!

A pregame (verb) is the action of gathering with other people, listening to music, and drinking,usually heavily, in someone’s humble abode. This is where the night begins. This is where the stories start, the drama unfolds, the fists come out. For us, the new age of a social gathering is a pregame. We’re here with only one mission- to get faded.

It seems that now the act of going out has changed in a very weird, awkward way. Typically back in the day you went out around 9PM. It wasn’t too late, wasn’t too early, and you gathered slowly. You drank slowly conversing about interesting subjects, eventually leading to moronic and hilarious ones. You would think that is the social norm to do after a long day of working, or after enjoying a day of relaxation on the weekend. Times have changed. We don’t have as much time. We’ve got places to go, people to see, things to do. It’s the city baby, lets go for a joyride!

So you arrive at the pregame, everyone’s dressed to impress. Avicci’s “Levels” is on full blast in the background. You scan the room with your eyes; kitchen fully stocked with shot glasses, a couple of bottles, and a stacked fridge of brew. There are 3 different groups. A bunch of “dudes” on the couch watching some sports highlight on ESPN, a crew of girls huddled (most likely near the alcohol) talking about aimlessly unimportant topics. This
is their time to catch up and to feel the room out. Lastly, you see the frat dudes chugging down the booze (these boys know how to consume, praise them).During this time you proceed to pound as many shots and drink as many drinks in the span of what could go on for possibly 2-3 hours. I forgot to mention you arrived at the pregame at 11:45, “fashionably late” and totally the expected time to arrive. Actually most people arrived around then. By the time you are leaving to head to the club or bar, its 1:30AM, and the night is just beginning.

Now you’re at the establishment and everything has become a blur by this point. Music is your boyfriend, alcohol your bro, the lights are like your best friends, and the smell of sex is your soul. Yeah, you may meet some new people and possibly form a new acquaintance, but in the end of the day it’s only about two things-getting some and friendships. Many people in our generation these days form “clans.” It’s basically awkward if you aren’t
conformed into some social clan you call your own. These groups are your security, your go-to’s. It’s who you know and who you socialized with before at the pregame. By the end of the night you’re telling your friend how much you love them because that’s what we have in the end of the day; a fail-safe “clan.” Pregame’s are your bonding, your after hours where ANYTHING goes.

If you really want to dissect the meaning of a pregame, its technically considered an “un-classy party,” quoted by one of my friends. The irony of it is that we don’t engage in bars, we are on a hunt. By the time we have arrived at the place, we’re lights out gone, and the “Eye Of The Tiger” theme song is continuously playing in our heads. Although it seems to be the new social hour, I personally can’t complain as they are very entertaining. Some great sh*t can go down, perfect for inspiration.

To paint a better picture of why pregames are better, I have some stories (proven facts) as to why pregames are the only person to blame for these actions. I once knew a friend who had an affair with red wine. Oh, he loved it so much! One time he was so ‘gone’, he was sitting down chugging from a magnum bottle of cabernet and as he moved his knees, he hit the bottom of the bottle and chipped his tooth completely off. Goodbye job interview!
Another time I knew a friend who, inebriated from the pregame, was at the bar and met someone they really liked. The conversation was going well, and they were hitting it off. That was until after proceeding to take another shot with this piece of meat, they uncontrollably started to puke everything they just drank all night in the garbage can next to them. Fortunate for the garbage can nearby but goodbye potential toy for the night! A third person I knew pregamed way too much and then continued to drink even more at the bar. On the hunt they decided it would be heroic to break into their crushs’ apartment scaling the back patio, in confidence of sweeping them off their feet. Goodbye social life and hello order of protection!

The thing is, we are a different generation. We’re fresh, young -younger than our actual ages. We have ideas, we’re gifted, and we are always hunger for more than what we have. Its only because we know we can attain it in some way or another (hopefully in good form). We work hard, and we play hard. We know for our generation with everything that is happening, all the tools we have been given to us to change the world, it’s a rat race. Its kill or be killed, and we’re ok with that. Thats what keeps us young, that is what keeps us going, hence why we pregame. We’ve been somewhat wired for stressed (they call us the ADD generation). Unforuntately Soul Cycle, Hot Yoga, meditation, and juice cleanses just isn’t cutting it out for us. We are a dancing generation. Hello- EDM evolved from us! Everyone has to get loose at some point.

At the end of the day debauchery is just too priceless- it’s too much fun.

Written By,
Madison Popper


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